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Refrigerated transport

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Keep track of all refrigerated trailer temperatures with our innovative refrigerated transport telematics system. Increase delivery safety, automatically create reports and thermal bands and enjoy greater customer satisfaction.

Refrigerated transport is the most expensive type of transportation for goods and commodities. It requires special conditions during transportation, which are of great importance, especially for risky goods and medicines. Transporting chilled or frozen goods requires adherence to precisely defined temperature values, and for medicines, humidity levels, so that the goods and products are delivered in good condition, suitable for use.

The CAST Engineering system provides you with all the necessary information to control the parameters required according to the necessary delivery conditions. With CAST Engineering's telematics system for refrigerated transport, all your deliveries will be successfully executed.

Goods transported by refrigerated transport are often of high value. Refrigerated trailers must maintain a certain temperature to keep the products in good condition. Refrigerated trailers often have a separate fuel tank, providing autonomous operation of the refrigeration unit to maintain the set temperature.

Our application makes it even easier for you to track all events during delivery. With our intuitive application, you always have access to the location of your trailers, their temperature regimes, and any deviations from them.

What solutions does our system offer you?

Determining the location of the cargo at any time
Controlling the temperature in the trailer - The function is associated with an alarm message. If temperature fluctuations occur, you will immediately receive a notification in the system to prevent damage to the goods.
Information about opening/closing the trailer door
Accurate information about the fuel level in the trailer's tank
Accurate information about the humidity in the refrigerated compartment of the trailer

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