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Natural Gas Solution

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Gas-powered trucks are very popular. The reasons for this are low methane prices and reduced pollution. Their biggest advantage is that they are environmentally friendly. CAST Engineering's tracking system makes it easy for truck owners and dispatchers who need to plan haul routes to visualize and report all specific data.

The difference between LNG and LNG

The number of gas-powered trucks is increasing very rapidly. They are not only more economical, but also quieter. A gas-powered truck saves up to 20,000 kg of CO2 compared to a Euro 6 diesel engine. Gas-powered trucks are divided into two groups: CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). The LNG truck is powered by methane. The LNG truck also runs on methane, but compared to the LNG truck, the methane is liquefied by cooling it to temperatures of -161°C to -164°C degrees.

How our natural gas truck system helps with route planning

There are no more than 50 LNG truck filling stations across Europe. This slows down the planning process. With our system, dispatchers can take into account all refuelling stations with both LNG and CNG. In this way, dispatchers can determine in advance the exact location to refuel the truck. This is a great help when planning the route, as there is no danger of the truck's tank becoming empty.

The advantages of our LNG and LNG truck system

A special feature of gas-powered trucks is that fuel consumption is measured in kg/100 km, not in l/100 km as with all other trucks.
Our system calculates the average consumption in kg/100 km and provides the data to the end customer in an understandable form.
The fuel available in the truck is measured in kilograms, not litres. The system performs the necessary calculations to display the remaining amount of fuel in kilograms.

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