CIFRA – an ambitious and innovative project

  • Visualization of all factory processes.

  • Digitizing work and critical processes in a milk processing plant is a task with many challenges.

The goal for digitizing and visualizing processes in the enterprise is to avoid critical conditions in the production process that could lead to production problems and product wastage. The shelf life of milk further complicates the task. For the implementation of the project “CIFR MANDRA “ our team needed a reliable universal real-time monitoring and control system in combination with reliable industrial sensors. We created a solution that is reliable, easy to work with on both PC and mobile, and that also meets all the requirements set by the enterprise.

The solution provided covered the entire production process, starting from the electricity generators, going through the hot and cold water tanks, the thermal rooms, the ice water tanks, the plant’s recycled water tanks, the diesel fuel tanks, etc.

The platform provides control over the plant’s diesel generators. In addition to the established online fuel consumption control, operators receive real-time information on the status of the generators (standby, switch mode and switchover time (UPS-GRID)) and the status of the grid. In addition, special controllers send data into the system, allowing the power supply of the production equipment to be controlled. When an emergency occurs, the system notifies the equipment of the abnormal operation, ensuring a quick response from personnel, resulting in the prevention of equipment damage.
The satellite monitoring system allows control of the system supplying the plant with water – drinking water tanks and circulating water tanks and their respective pumps. The system allows automation of the tank filling process and energy saving at peak times. At the same time, the system prevents the plant from running out of water – it controls the critical level of circulating water in the tank.

Last but not least: the system monitors the temperature in the thermal chambers where the yoghurt is set. Operators in the plant monitor in real time the temperature ranges set for the respective rooms. Alarm messages notify operators when the temperature regimes in the chambers are violated.
The system also monitors the temperature of the plant’s finished goods refrigerators.


  • Diesel generators: status control, fuel and consumption monitoring, switching modes of the generators to the grid (UPS-GRID)), 100 m3 tank for recycled water – water level monitoring with two critical water levels set: – 10% and 20%, upon reaching which audible and light alarms are triggered;

  • Recirculating water pumps: monitor the operating modes of the pumps feeding the 100m3 recirculating water tank, on/off times. If the pumps are switched off for more than 30 minutes, an audible and light alarm is activated.
  • Temperature control of the hot yoghurt chambers: – monitoring of temperature regimes and residence times in the chambers. In case of violation of the set parameter limits, an audible and light alarm is activated.
  • Monitoring and control of hot water in the plant;


  • Monitoring and control of hot water in the plant;
  • Monitoring and control of temperature and ice water level in the plant (0 – 4°C);
  • Monitoring and control of the finished goods refrigerators;
  • Monitoring and control of vehicles delivering finished products;
  • Monitoring and control of the plant’s water treatment plant.

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