Heavy transport

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Do you know exactly where your trucks are and what your drivers are doing? Tracking trucks has never been so easy and accessible.

Freight forwarding is the fastest growing sector in the European economy. The extraordinary dynamics and flexibility of costs require a system for precise and objective control and analysis of all the processes taking place in the transport company.

This is why our telematics system is designed to record and analyse everything down to the smallest detail. The results of the data analysis are presented to customers in a convenient and understandable form.

There are three main factors to watch in the transport business

Fuel costs constitute up to 40% of the total expenses of a transport company. Through our specially installed digital probes, we have the capability to accurately track every drop of fuel that passes through the fuel system. With digital probes, we can reduce fuel costs by up to 20%.

Driver working hours control is performed by monitoring and controlling the data from the digital tachograph in real time. Thanks to this information, you always know the exact working hours of the drivers and how much time they have left according to regulatory documents. This way, you always have a clear view of the available drivers with enough time to complete the transportation task.

Control of all distances traveled. Our system offers you the ability to visualize the tachograph data retrospectively, allowing you to monitor the correct execution of the order and compliance with the routes. Controlling routes and adhering to working hours, in turn, allows for constant optimization and cost reduction for transport companies.

Track not only the location of a given truck.

With the telematics system from CAST Engineering, you receive updates and reports that help improve the performance of your fleet and your drivers.

Improve the profitability of your fleet by controlling:

Route repetitions
Route history
Real-time alerts for speeding, rapid acceleration, or harsh braking
Real-time alerts for suspected fuel theft
Alerts for exceeding idle time
Tracking of service intervals

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