Our daily work and experience with the platform has enabled us to provide a new service to our customers – we have launched a dedicated app for monitoring electric diesel generators. Our experience and work over the years has enabled us to obtain information from the various sensors on the generators. Based on the decoded information we are able to observe the following picture:

  • Generator Statistics;
  • Moto generator hours;
  • Fuel consumed by the generator;
  • Fuel load;
  • Date, time and number of generator charges;
  • Stolen fuel;
  • Date, time and number of fuel thefts;
  • Detailed statistics on generator operation: motor hours, start, stop, duration on, duration off, idling, fuel consumption, etc.
  • Fuel level graph;
  • Fuel temperature graph;
  • Generator coolant temperature graph;
  • Generator speed graph;
  • Generator battery graph;

GSM signal graph at the place of work

For the convenience of the operators and service personnel, alarm messages are to be generated. The following alarm messages are available:

  • Critical fuel balance (adjustable);
  • High coolant temperature;
  • High fuel temperature;
  • Lack of high voltage in the network (220 VAC network);
  • The generator was started;
  • The generator is not connected to the 220 VAC mains;
  • The generator was connected to the 220 VAC mains;
  • The generator was disconnected from the 220 VAC mains;
  • The generator was switched off (with 220 VAC mains voltage);
  • The generator was shut down in an emergency;
  • The main power supply is available;
  • Generator in standby mode and ready for next power up;
  • Lack of GSM signal.

All alarm messages are delivered to staff on-line or e-mail.

Appropriate service intervals are provided for proper and timely servicing of the generator.

The following service intervals are available for service workers:

  • Change oil and oil filter (by moto hour and/or calendar);
  • Fuel filter change (by moto hour and/or calendar);
  • Change the air filter (by moto clock and/or calendar);
  • Gearbox oil change (by moto hour and/or calendar);
  • Management of spare parts input for repairs and servicing;
  • Logbook of service personnel who serviced the generator.

The constant improvement and completion of the service allows our customers to have full information about the generator’s status and readiness for operation.

The new look of the monitoring panel also allows the visualization of alarm messages arriving from the generator.

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