Introduction to the company

Hello! Let us tell you briefly about us. CAST Engineering Ltd. is a high-tech company working in the field of telematics. With a wealth of experience in the industry, our team not only offers some of the best solutions on the market, but are also happy to develop unique solutions for each client, tailored to suit all needs and requirements. Due to its flexibility and numerous options, our services are suitable for companies with small fleets as well as large international companies.

What is the contribution of CAST Engineering Ltd. products?

Thanks to its specialists and many years of experience in the industry, CAST Engineering Ltd’s tracking technology offers companies with their own fleets high-tech software to digitize all operations and events related to company vehicles. For example, CAST Engineering Ltd’s system makes it very easy to track your journeys. If you use your company car for different purposes, you can always digitally sign your journeys in the system as personal or business. This saves you the time of having to fill in your road book every month.

CAST Engineering Ltd.


S. “Aleksandar Stamboliiski” 115, office 8 , 4004 zh.k. “Hristo Botev-North”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Phone: +359 88 828 5830