DEUTSCHE BAHN - HOW TO RUN TRAINS SMARTLY For many years we have focused on challenging and promising projects. Our new project already feels comfortable even in rail transport.


The focus of this particular DB Cargo Bulgaria project was on shunting locomotives for the heavy metal industry. The company faced the following problems and challenges:

  • Inefficient planning of locomotive shunts in stations, with multiple line changes and shunts;
  • Multiplied field work – up to 22 hours per day;
  • Significant risk of human error, such as the possibility of the driver missing a foreign object or person on the tracks at night. This situation can lead to tragic accidents as well as monetary losses;
  • Excessively high level of carbon emissions exceeding the level allowed by European legislation.
  • High operating costs and a resulting weakened ability to remain competitive;
  • CAST Engineering offered the solution capable of solving all these problems.


The installed equipment consists of:

  • GPS/GLONASS terminal for real-time monitoring and control of locomotive position and status;
  • Mobile DVR. . Provides a real-time video picture – to the tracks and in the cab. The files are stored in two places – once on the device and a second time on the server. In the event of an emergency, the records are used to analyse the accident.
  • Precision fuel level sensors by Omnicomm and temperature sensors.. It should be mentioned that monitoring fuel and water temperatures in locomotives cannot be underestimated. If the engine overheats or becomes too cold (as it is used in a wide temperature range from above +30℃ to -15℃), it may fail and require expensive repairs.
  • Two interface lines are available to provide the telemetry analysis information to the servers.
  • The control room uses 24/7 visualization that displays real values of temperature, fuel level, speed, mileage, ignition status and other parameters.
  • The company’s visualization dashboard analyzes engine hours, mileage, average speed, fuel consumption, etc. and displays the results in easy-to-understand charts and tables.
  • The problem of planning shunting locomotives is easily solved in the monitoring interface with the “Routes” module. . Locomotives now operate efficiently at stations unlike before.

Another useful, additional feature that has a huge impact on safety has also been introduced – a digital warning system. When the driver exceeds the speed limit, the system generates an alarm message to the control room. In addition, a red light signal illuminates on the driver’s panel in the cab to help prevent accidents.


Based on the information obtained, the following results were achieved:

  • Fuel consumption is reduced by 24%;
  • Idling time is reduced by 18%;
  • Efficient shunting planning helps to extend the life cycle of locomotives and reduce operating costs;
  • DB Cargo Bulgaria met the target to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20% and succeeded in obtaining the Green Certificate.

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