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Construction industry

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The system's ability to calculate exact fuel costs for each "concrete unit - construction site - concrete unit" cycle allows for guaranteed savings of 25%.

The construction industry is a very dynamic environment that is evolving at an extremely high speed.

Very often large construction machines are hired by contractors. In this case, a very precise control system is needed to monitor all the parameters of the construction machine.

What solutions does CAST Engineering's tracking technology offer for the construction industry?

Precise fuel tracking system: The major advantage of the system is that its algorithm records all fluctuations and changes in the fuel level of the vehicle's tank, providing accurate information on the available fuel quantity. Learn more in the fuel monitoring category.

You receive precise information on fuel consumption per operating hour.

Monitoring of machine operating hours to accurately calculate the amount to be charged to the lessee.

Precise tracking of driver data through the tachograph.

Our tracking solution for the concrete industry

The developers at CAST Engineering have created a highly innovative and precise system specifically for the concrete industry. This system enables you to save money not only on fuel but also on concrete transport. With our intuitive system, you can always determine the unloading point for concrete.

The analytical part of the system allows real-time control of all stages of concrete delivery and process analysis. What does our system analyze?

Warning for unloading at an unknown location;
Average cycle time "concrete plant - construction site - concrete plant";
Concrete mixer deliveries;
Tracking of all deliveries;
Control of concrete delivery hours;
Control of mixer schedules;
Routes between concrete plants;
Movement outside the designated transport routes.

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