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Driver Behavior Manager

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The Driving Behavior Manager by CAST Engineering is a real-time transportation monitoring and control system that enables companies to track their drivers' behavior and streamline operations through automation.

With our driver behavior management system, you can analyze driving behavior both in real-time and over past periods. This leads to additional savings in resources such as time and money. Using the flexible analyses provided by our system, you can optimize your drivers' behavior and the accuracy of deliveries. These factors, on their own, are effective tools for increasing customer satisfaction.

Advantages of the driving behaviour manager

Managing more than three vehicles and their drivers sounds like a task that requires a great deal of responsibility, precision and, most of all, time. To ensure maximum efficiency for the company and good working conditions for the drivers, our driver behaviour management system is a necessity.

CAST Engineering's tracking technology allows you to monitor drivers from any location using our extremely intuitive application.

Managing driver behavior is also accessible on mobile devices. If you want to have all the necessary driver information on your smartphone, you can easily make the necessary changes or respond to driver messages promptly, thereby ensuring efficiency and automation of your business.

Together with the vehicle location module, our driving behavior system tracks information on the following factors:

Vehicle location
Route history and changes in its execution process
Fuel availability in the tanks
Fuel consumption
Technical information about the vehicle and its condition
Drivers' work and rest time
Throttle position and engine RPM in real-time
Speeding compared to the designated route speed

This type of information helps you assess the efficiency and profitability of the vehicle and the driver.

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