Location of the vehicle

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The vehicle tracking system from CAST Engineering offers you an efficient and affordable way to track and monitor your vehicles. The highly intuitive software and application offer you a number of benefits. You can not only easily and conveniently, but also from anywhere track, the location of your vehicles, monitor driver behavior, as well as many other factors such as:
Real-time vehicle tracking gives you accurate information about the location, speed and other data related to your vehicle.

Tracking of company cars

With the vehicle search module from CAST Engineering, locating company vehicles is extremely easy. With user-friendly software and an application, you can find your vehicle within seconds.

With our intelligent technology, you can easily:

Determine the exact location of the vehicle
Monitor driver habits while driving
Find the vehicle in case of theft or other specific situations

Vehicle tracking works with all makes and models of vehicles, regardless of their year:

Passenger cars
Pickups and delivery vehicles
Heavy-duty vehicles

But that's not all!
CAST Engineering's vehicle tracking system also offers comprehensive solutions for rental cars, e-scooters, e-bikes, and other alternative vehicles.

Location for trade vehicles

Maintain constant communication with your fleet and drivers and significantly reduce your costs. Our commercial vehicle tracking technology offers an affordable solution for many use cases:

Optimizing assigned delivery routes
Tracking delivery accuracy and predicting delays
Monitoring driver behavior to improve efficiency and safety

Our vehicle tracking system is compatible with all types of commercial vehicles:

Dump trucks
Company vehicles
Tow trucks

Location of cargo vehicles

Thanks to our truck tracking system, you always know exactly where your trucks are. CAST Engineering's vehicle tracking helps companies with small or large fleets to significantly reduce their costs. With our software, you can not only significantly reduce your costs, but also track driver behavior. This way you can also set alerts for certain events. The entire system operation is easy to manage without any prior knowledge. This all sounds good, but what exactly can you expect from our product?

Protection against fuel theft
Verification of routes and daily activities of each vehicle
Ensuring smooth route execution without interruptions
Control of fuel efficiency and safety
Easy management of tracking and monitoring multiple vehicles

And many more

Work smarter!

The vehicle tracking system from CAST Engineering is used by fleets in many industries:

Heavy-duty transport
Waste disposal
Construction industry
Refrigerated transport

and many others...

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