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Railway industry

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Rail freight transport is becoming increasingly popular in the European Union. The so-called combined (intermodal) rail transport is gaining more and more popularity in the logistics industry. The significant increase in rail freight transport leads not only to enormous fuel savings but also to a drastic reduction in carbon emissions.

What are the advantages of combined transport?

Low transportation costs
Low carbon emissions
Ability to transport large quantities of goods
Reduction of the burden on the road network
Alleviation of traffic and diversion of freight traffic away from the road network

Who is our system suitable for?

The system is suitable for both state-owned and private railway transport companies.
Transportation and logistics companies.

Large train compositions carrying goods require a good control and monitoring system.

What features could be monitored by railway enterprises using the system?

Exact location of the train composition
Exact location of the loaded trailers on the train composition
Exact number of loaded trailers in a railway composition
Exact number of trailers at the loading terminal
Exact number of trailers at the unloading terminal
Enhanced algorithm for predicting remaining distance with available fuel (for diesel locomotives)
Real-time notifications based on set parameters
Real-time notifications when loading trailers
Real-time notifications when unloading trailers
Real-time notification when the train composition departs
Flexible and personalized reports according to client requirements and requests
Monitoring information board providing real-time data tracking
Video surveillance of the railway and locomotive cabin

With the help of our highly intuitive software and application, you can monitor the location of the train composition and its loaded trailers from anywhere in the world. Using our advanced algorithm, you can always predict the arrival time of the composition. This eliminates the need for trucks transporting trailers to wait for long periods at the unloading point from the composition.

CAST Engineering's innovative software also allows you, as the owner of a transportation company, to monitor the location of trailers during travel according to predefined parameters. By using CAST Engineering's innovative telematics application, the operational efficiency of both railway companies and logistics firms is enhanced. This helps increase customer satisfaction.

How does our system help logistics companies?

Tracking the exact location of the train composition in real-time
Determining the location of loaded trailers on the train composition
Real-time notifications based on predefined parameters
Flexible and personalized reports based on client-set requirements

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